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Windows 10 PC Audio Issues - The Darris - 09-26-2019

Okay folks, I've had this issue for a while and I've never been able to track down a fix (other than test my luck with a complete reboot of my whole system). 

I am using a custom built Windows 10 PC - i7-7820X @ 3.6 ghz with 64gb of RAM. My audio interface is a Steinberg UR824 (all drivers and firmware are current). Nothing super special going on under the hood of my PC. This PC doubles as my DAW and a gaming Rig. Yeah, I know, we aren't supposed to do that but I'm not rich and don't act like you composers and gamers on a budget out there are any different. Haha. 

Anyway, the issue seems to only be a problem when I'm gaming or browsing the internet while watching videos or listening to music. It's more apparent when something is loading. Basically the sound cuts out for a brief second (1-2 seconds at most). I can religiously recreate this if I open a PDF file while watching a youtube video and start scrolling through it. As the pages load, it disrupts the audio. I've also noticed that the video continues but the audio picks up where it left off so it does a quick catch up to match the video. It's very strange. All of my google searches into this issue reveal zero help. They all recommend basic troubleshooting steps which aren't really relevant since I'm using a 3rd party Audio Interface and driver that renders most Windows audio features void. I've uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers and firmware as well as updated other things that I could like my video drivers, Windows updates, etc. Nothing seems to fix this. 

On a side note, whenever I've noticed the audio thing really bad, it tends to screw with my background on the desktop. I will hover over an icon and it's translucent background become blue (yeah, that windows basic "holy crap you're screwed" blue.) Then, after a minute or so of clicking around, my entire desktop goes blue. I don't know what happens beyond that as I've usually shutdown my computer and complete a restart. I will go weeks without seeing the blue background bug but it still happens. 

It just happened today as I was trying to play Batman Arkham Asylum for the first time (yeah, free on Epic Game Store). I got 3 seconds into the first level where you are walking The Joker into the Asylum and the sound just cut in and out really bad. I can only assume there was a lot of background loading going. Anyway, it's frustrating and makes certain entertainment First world problems I guess but still an issue since this is also my money making PC. 

Any thoughts?



RE: Windows 10 PC Audio Issues - Mattias Westlund - 09-26-2019

Hmm. Really weird issue and it's hard to say with any authority what's causing it, but spontaneously I would say it sounds like a driver problem. What happens if you unplug the UR824 and use the on-board audio for games/videos? Does the problem persist?

I've encountered wi-fi network cards interfering with [low-latency] audio before, but never graphics messing with audio or vice versa, at least not on any system from the past 20 years. I vaguely recall having some Pentium system where the sound and graphics cards didn't like each other, but those shared the same PCI bus whereas in your case we're talking USB and PCIe so there's simply no relation.

Have you checked your RAM for errors btw? And what graphics card do you have?

RE: Windows 10 PC Audio Issues - The Darris - 09-26-2019

RAM checks good and I'm using a Geforce GTX 1080 ti.

I absolutely think it is a driver issue with my Interface but like I said, I've updated everything I can. The UR824 had an update back in January and this issue was present prior to that as well. I'm just completely dumbfounded by this. Hahaha.

RE: Windows 10 PC Audio Issues - The Darris - 11-01-2019

I finally did a deep dive into Windows System fixes. In the end, I did an SFC Scan which found multiple corrupt files and it was able to fix all but a few. I forget the name of the other scan I did but it was able to fix them. Since then, I've not had any audio drops or the weird blue screen issue. It's been glorious. All the scans were accomplished via the Command Prompt.

This was the page that helped me get started for those that may have this issue in the future: