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2010 throwback - Mattias Westlund - 06-05-2016

This topic reminded me that a few weeks ago I rendered a project file with musical ideas from six years ago off of my old laptop. I was listening to a lot of classical at the time and toyed with the idea of composing something in that vein; perhaps not an entire symphony but at least a longer track in an unabashedly Romantic style, or at least my take on it. Never got very far with it (story of my life) but those ideas remain on my list of "music I need to complete before I die".

RE: 2010 throwback - Otto Halmén - 06-06-2016

Well, I like what I'm hearing, and you make great use of classical ideas like exposition and development anyway (e.g. in your Wesnoth works). You could definitely pull off indie classical music, so... don't die yet, ok? Smile

RE: 2010 throwback - Samulis - 06-12-2016

Hey Mattias-

Really nice piece! I like the reusage of thematic material; really stylistically accurate! I always enjoy it when people try more imitative works of traditional musical styles.