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So... what instruments do you play? - Mattias Westlund - 05-23-2016

A subforum about playing real instruments with 0 threads looks kind of bad on a VO forum, so let's do this to start things off Smile

I'm a reasonably proficient rock/metal/prog guitar player. I can fake it on a bass guitar and I have some idea of how to play a mandolin. Keys is not my forte, I use keyboards for entering midi notes but I'm not a pianist and never will be.

I started playing whistles in 2008, and have dabbled with keyless flute as well, but I do this far too seldom to be more than a complete noob even after all these years.

On good days I like to think that I can pull off a passable vocal or small percussion performance.

So... what's your story?

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Otto Halmén - 05-23-2016

My main instrument is the cello. Took lessons for years as a kid. Haven't played much lately, though, as the neck joint came off and I haven't yet taken it to a luthier to have it re-glued. Gotta get it fixed, it was a Frankenstein's monster repaired a hundred times over and it had a slightly peculiar but lovely tone.

Then there's a bunch of instruments that I know some basic stuff on. I know a few (mostly metal) songs on guitar, I can keep up on bass, I can play a couple different beats on drums, etc. I know some very simple harmonica, jaw harp and ocarina. Currently practicing keyboards, something I regret not properly starting earlier since it's the most useful instrument to know for computer music.

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Paul Battersby - 05-29-2016

I started out as a drummer. I taught myself to play keyboards during high school. At the end of high school a friend lent me his guitar, which fortunately was in tune because I had to start by figuring out what note sounded when I plucked each string and how far up the neck I had to go before I found the same sound as the adjacent string. From there I learned to play some melodies to learn the fretboard and eventually chords.

Playing all 3 instruments enables me to add whatever I think is needed when I collaborate with a songwriter.

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Aurelleah - 05-29-2016

I've played clarinet, sax, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals :3

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Samulis - 06-04-2016

I play and collect (and sample!) antique and unusual brass instruments (mostly low brass- saxhorns, sackbuts, ophicleide, various odd trombones, etc.). I've dabbled in everything from fretless zithers to contrabass recorders, but I'm not very good at anything in particular.

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - StevenT2112 - 06-07-2016

My main instruments are guitar, bass (electric bass and double bass) and keyboards. I have a few other instruments that I like to play around with, but am not very good at. I have a few recorders (2 plastic ones and a wooden one), an ocarina, a harmonica, a lap harp which desperately needs new strings, a 12 string oud which also needs new strings and a clarinet.

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Kev Adams - 06-09-2016

Did play guitar, fiddle, mandolin, mandola and a bit of bass but can't any more. Sadly I'm having to sell off my instruments- they should be played rather than hang on the wall looking forlorn.
I also had a collection of other instruments which went a while back. There was a hammer dulcimer and a cute harmonium which folded up into a chest for travelling.
I'm left with pecking out things on a piano keyboard. I'm not a piano player, though my mother was and that's how I learned the rudiments before finding my true musical self on things with strings.

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - kmlandre - 06-11-2016

Nothing well, but like Otto I spent my formative years on the cello. Otherwise piano/keys, guitar, bass, double-bass, mandolin, harmonica, and the ever-dreaded accordion.

I muck about with other things, too, but not so much that I'd be comfortable holding down a part on them. I can make noises on 'em, but it's usually reminiscent of a "gastronomical protestation"...

Kurt M. Landre'

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - sig-ex - 06-11-2016

Piano, guitar and anything I can hit with a stick (poor man's percussion  Big Grin ).

RE: So... what instruments do you play? - Chris Heinen - 01-04-2018

Started out on percussion in grade school and played in percussion section in concert/marching band through end of H.S.

Bought a Univox Hi-Flyer circa 1974-1975 as my first "real" guitar and took lessons, played in some junior high band projects and was drafted into singing ("Smoke on the Water", anyone? - man, am I old!)...

Took piano lessons in junior high, bought a Rhodes 73-key suitcase and played keyboards in jazz band and some local rock/pop bands (and was again drafted into singing some lead/backup vox). 

Bought a Teac 2340 and recorded countless hours of arrangements with friends/family back in the day...

Got into MIDI back when it was invented (man, am I old!) and bought the litany of instruments that one buys (anybody remember the SCI Drumtracks and the Yamaha DX-7?  The sequencer of the day was Passport Systems "Master Tracks Pro" circa mid 1980's (man, am I old!).

With what little spare time I had, did some sequencing and recording, paid my taxes to 12-Tone Systems for their many versions of what became Sonar (man, am I old!)...

These days I still strum some guitar and pick out a few things on keyboard, and sing in the church choir...

The technology is such that if one is willing to hunt down the resources, you can put together just about any kind of music you can brainstorm for little to no significant investment.  Thus, my relatively new-found interest in pursuing orchestral music...