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RE: The (unofficial) Scoring Central Contest - Samulis - 01-03-2018

(01-03-2018, 11:14 PM)Chris Heinen Wrote: Hi,

I'm a latecomer to this but I'd be interested in participating if it's still possible.  My sfz instrument contribution would come from samples of my acoustic guitar.  The last forum post looks like Dec. 17 so could someone (I guess Samulis) update?  From what I could follow, it looked like there were some open questions regarding allowing FLAC files and project milestone dates.  I've watched the videos (very informative) and I'm currently spending time reading through various web documents on sfz files, etc.

Looking forward to participating...


Yes, it's still on, but I'd like to complete the video walkthrough series first, which I will be dedicating most of my free time for the next few weeks/months. One of the videos will cover a ton of SFZ stuff, pulling from all the sources I've gathered over the years and some experimenting.