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Anybody Know Swing? - bigcat1969 - 07-30-2017

I'm starting a little review of Swing More! to kind of learn about the instrument pack, learn about swing, big band, swing and all that jazz, get lots of sponsors and get people to give me free stuff to review... But mostly to be helpful. Tongue .

Anyway since it is a blog I'm writing backwards so percussion with help need I.... Err I need help with percussion, which I'm writing first / last, which I understand less than most things. Any clue about how this kind of percussion works? It seems quite different than the roll and roll beat the drumkit to death and make lots of booms style. Or for that matter my attempts at mixing a rockin dance band where they told me crank the bass drum and the lead singer as she's a diva and will kill you if she can't hear herself LOUD and if we hear anything else that's a bonus and better than our last sound guy. So how does big band, swing drumming work?