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Three Miniatures - peastman - 03-22-2023

I've been writing piano music recently.  I'm really pleased with the way this one came out.

Sorry if it's a little off topic, since it's piano instead of orchestration.  Given how quiet things have been lately, I figured no one would mind!

RE: Three Miniatures - Paul Battersby - 03-22-2023

Nice to see something new here for a change. I listened to all 3 piano pieces. Very nice. I bet all 3 pieces would sound great fully orchestrated too.

RE: Three Miniatures - peastman - 03-23-2023

Thanks! I agree about them kind of wanting to be orchestrated. Believe it or not, my idea at the start was to do something in the style of Debussy or Chopin. You can still hear that in the first one. But the music kind of wanted to go off in a different direction, and by the time I reached the third part it had turned into something more like a film score.

RE: Three Miniatures - Nayrb - 04-11-2023

These are really nice! It's a nice change to hear something written for a single instrument because it takes into account the physical constraints and opportunities of the instrument itself. It's like those concerns become more a part of the writing process than when wielding a larger ensemble (for all that we've discussed the importance of paying attention to those very factors in VO, I at least find it somewhat easier to simplify, in those cases). I agree that orchestrations of these could sound good, too. But solo piano music is great!