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VCSL 2.0 - Samulis - 03-04-2022

So, I've decided to rebuild VCSL as '2.0' with a totally new categorization, some of the worse samples stripped/swapped out, and integrating in woodwinds and brass. I am abandoning Hornbostel-Sachs classification system because it was confusing people more than it was helping. With the help of a few folks via e-mail, I worked out a new 'hybrid' classification system to use:

  • Brasswind-Lipped
  • Flutes
  • Single-Reed
  • Double-Reed

  • Bowed Strings
  • Harps & Lyres
  • Guitars, Lutes, & Mandolins
  • Zithers & Dulcimers

  • Strings
  • Pipes
  • Reeds

  • Drums
  • Cymbals
  • Gongs
  • Keys-Mallets
  • Struck
  • Plucked (Lamellaphones)
  • Rubbed-Friction

  • Acoustic
  • Mechanical
  • Analog
  • Digital

The goal is to eventually replace VSCO 2 CE completely with VCSL 2 by integrating orchestral elements into VCSL 2.

A quick sample of the new woodwinds:

The new trumpet (WIP improv; NV then Vib):
(if the tuning sounds funky, it's because I'm just using one of the Meantone temperaments in Sforzando in order to improve the harmony of most chords)

They are taken from some surplus recordings for VSCO Pro 2.5 that didn't quite make the cut and some samples I recorded for contract work over the past few years. There are still some instruments I need to record fresh, such as flute, which I haven't actually sampled since VSCO 2 since the main flute there is really excellent.

The library will be quite dry like VSCO 2 and VCSL.

Another part of the process is converting as many samples as possible into FLAC. It is not possible to convert everything, as the loop points in the WAV files which have them will not be properly preserved when converted into FLAC, but it should help considerably to keep the library under control.

I'll probably launch 2.0 around the start of next year, in celebration of 10 years of Versilian Studios (wow, what, really!?). I'm hoping this thread will help serve as a way for me to make myself get it done, as well as get some feedback from all you clever folks. Smile

RE: VCSL 2.0 - Paul Battersby - 03-05-2022

It's always good to see something new or updated in the free orchestra sample world. Good luck with your new project.

RE: VCSL 2.0 - Nayrb - 03-05-2022

Nice! I'll be happy to check that out. A while back, I mapped a few things to simple Kontakt instruments, but it's been awhile since I messed around with them. That's a very nice sounding trumpet, by the way.