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A bit of feedback? - sayan - 05-17-2021

Hey everyone,

I finally got back to making music after a long hiatus (crap year!) and wanted to write something that made me feel happy.
I posted  this track a couple of days back and I WAS happy with the mix.
The drums sound a bit boom-y on commercial speakers and the lead guitar sounds a bit over-compressed (not much compression going on, maybe 1-1.5db at times) and lacklustre.
I have tried boosting the high end of the lead but still not much of difference. I plan on releasing this track again and was hoping if someone could help me out.
Around the 2:05 - 2:15 mark, I hear a bit of phasing on commercial speakers but I don't hear that on my mixing set-up. Is it an issue?

I know the arrangement is weird but I was writing for myself Tongue

Please do let me know what you think Smile

RE: A bit of feedback? - Chris Spyratos - 05-17-2021

Hey sayan, thank you for sharing! Hope you get back to music making!

The piano phrases from 0:34 to 1:00 are nice and I think they should be highlighted more because right now they are being covered by the left hand chords and the vocal phrases. Also the left hand chords sound a bit muddy to me but I think it has more to do with how they are voiced rather than how they are mixed. You could try spreading them, omiting the 5th of the chord or inverting them while keeping the root an octave down apart.

I like listening the whole ensemble play throughout a piece so I would enjoy if you had the drums play some hats at the beginning, or have the guitar do some distant (reverberated) effects and the cello some double stops or pizzicati.

Since you play powerchords over the guitar solos you could have the piano do some wide arpeggios rather than heavy chords on the first beat.

I think the rain effect could have longer fade outs.

These are all arranging suggestions but they could help with having a more balanced result which would require less tinkering

The guitar sounds nice enough to my ears. What is your rig?

RE: A bit of feedback? - sayan - 05-18-2021

Hey.. Thanks for the feedback. I think the muddiness if from the patch that I am using. It has tons of reverb and I have added a lot more for the ethereal atmosphere. I'll cut back on that. Noted the point about the vocals. I'll try to get it lower in the mix.
Do you mean a small intro with the hats instead of the drums coming out of the blue? I think I can do that.
Point with the arpeggios noted. Coming to think of it, it was really quite lazy of me to do it. Arpeggios will sound better and wont be as jarring as it is now.
I couldn't do much with the rain effect as whatever I did, made it sound worse and harsh.

The rhythm guitars is one of the ENGL amp sims from Plugin Alliance. I was demoing them out and I liked them enough to leave them in.
The solos are direct inputs from my Laney IronHeart with Two-notes Wall of Sound plugin as the IR loader. I just moved the mic around till it sounded good.