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VO mixing resources - Mattias Westlund - 05-18-2016

Let's gather all the useful VO mixing articles/guides/tutorials/videos/etc we can find in this thread.

My own stuff:

Orchestral positioning Pt 1: Panning

Orchestral positioning Pt 2: Reverb in theory

Orchestral positioning Pt 3: Reverb in practice

Orchestral positioning Pt 4: Reverb and realism

Orchestral positioning Pt 5: Choosing a reverb

Mixing and processing a virtual orchestra

Layering orchestral samples

RE: VO mixing resources - Viktor - 05-28-2018

I hope I want be called a necromancer for digging up this thread. But I found this video by Alex Ball pretty informative and impressive While a lot of what he says comes down to sample quality and money, a bit of a bummer.