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Full Version: Free Choir VSTs
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Anyone have a minute or two to listen to this and tell me what some of these keyboards are? I'm kinda curious.
My best guess is celesta (or celeste) but it might still be something else.
Thanks Paul. I didn't even know they existed.
(02-03-2018, 12:04 AM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]I hear you man. I'm amazed how much you have already done and often recommend VPO.

Just to tempt you, the 30 choir patches in what should be fairly usable form. I didn't edit or normalize them so they can be tightened if someone really wants...

I think these are all in wave format. I uploaded them some time ago so I might be wrong...

Hey bigcat, may I trouble you for those flute and brass packs? None of the above links are working anymore, and dowloading the full 22GB dataset is taking forever here...
Great, thanks! Smile
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