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Full Version: List of free synth plugins
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Classical synth remakes:
Original softsynths:
Percussion synths:
Physical modelling synths:
This is a list of freeware synth and other instrument plugins that aren't conventional sampling instruments. If you've run across something useful, perhaps something that works well in orchestral hybrid music, drop a line so we can grow the list. Smile

A bunch of these synths were featured in the One Synth Challenge. If you want to hear them in action before you download them, this is a good place.
The full bucket music synths are also very good.

MauSynth should definitely be on that list too IMO.

Although 32 bit only, Oatmeal and SQ8L are also worth a mention.
Really good and free replicas suit
Welcome, MagneticM, and thanks for the tip! I'm currently at work but I'll check them out once I get home. Smile
My favourite go-to secret weapon is Zyn. Although this is based on Linux and has a paid version, there is a 32bit port on windows already. Older versions are free and available to download here
It has a bunch of great sounding presets to get you started. Works superb in hybrid music anyway