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A humble request - Mattias Westlund - 04-06-2020

I know these are difficult, uncertain and scary times for all of us and maybe not the best of moments to ask this, but still. Many of us are facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I'm looking to scrounge up around $40 for the yearly renewal of my web hosting, money which I sadly don't have to spend on such things right now.

If you'd be willing to pitch in with $0.1 or $1 or $5 or whatever -- every little bit helps -- to ensure the future of this forum (which is more important to me than my personal site, really)  I would be eternally grateful. If you have money to spare, you can Paypal me using or If you don't have Paypal but is willing to help out, PM me and we'll figure something out.


RE: A humble request - Chris Spyratos - 04-07-2020

Surely, I've been visiting this forum a lot lately and I wouldn't wanna see it go.

RE: A humble request - Nayrb - 04-07-2020


RE: A humble request - Terry93D - 04-07-2020

Also done. Smile

RE: A humble request - Mattias Westlund - 04-07-2020

Big thanks everyone! Bill is paid Smile