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Stay safe! - Mattias Westlund - 03-22-2020

Hey all, I hope everyone are OK out there. Things are fine on our end, we're not seeing any crazy zombie apocalypse type stuff so far. Most stores are well stocked, though there's less people out and about than usual. Being an introvert who normally works from home this situation is not a problem for me personally, but judging from social media posts, various local restaurants and bars are in dire straits and I definitely see a recession coming if this continues for much longer.

It's a surreal situation and something I never thought I would experience in my lifetime.

RE: Stay safe! - Paul Battersby - 03-22-2020

Mattias: are bars, restaurants etc. officially closed where you are? Where I am, only essential services are still open for business. All schools, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, museums, non essential stores, any where that people would gather are closed here.

RE: Stay safe! - Terry93D - 03-22-2020

Everything non-essential is closed here in Michigan too. Our Governor has been very effective in her response; the same can not be said for the federal government. I've been staying home, too; mainly working on composition, making a dent in my hundred-plus books that I haven't read yet, and learning a little bit more music theory (in a broad sense of the term).

RE: Stay safe! - peastman - 03-22-2020

The situation in California is similar. Non-essential businesses are closed, restaurants are only open for take out and delivery, and whenever we leave home we're supposed to stay six feet away from other people. As an introvert who works from home most of the time, this isn't very hard on me personally. But it's so surreal.

RE: Stay safe! - Samulis - 03-23-2020

Boston is in a similar situation and has been all week. I ran into work yesterday to film up enough video work to last the next month in case we're forced to close. Downtown was eerily quiet, with very few cars and even fewer pedestrians. All the college students, something like a third of the population of Boston, were essentially kicked out about a week ago, and almost all businesses are closed aside from some restaurants which are, like in other locations takeout only, and grocery stores.

RE: Stay safe! - Nayrb - 03-23-2020

We've been ordered to "shelter-in-place" in Illinois, too. I agree, this is absolutely surreal.

I, too, am an introvert, but I have an "ordinary people" job that requires me to go in every day. Since the order on Friday we have been shut down (until April 7th, it seems). Fortunately my employer is going to comp us for two weeks. I don't know what my job status will be like when we go back, though. I am actually transitioning to being a full time student / employee of the university, so in this case it's nice to have a little extra time to spend on school work. Though to be honest, I've spent the last couple of days drinking good beer and playing video games.

I was also in the process of moving back to the parents' house, so my place is empty everything but essentials and my desktop (which I consider an essential). In a way, I got what I've always wanted: solitude and time! But I'm obviously concerned about the dire implications of why.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

RE: Stay safe! - Mattias Westlund - 03-23-2020

(03-22-2020, 10:38 AM)Paul Battersby Wrote: Mattias: are bars, restaurants etc. officially closed where you are?

No they're still open but seeing very little business due to the self-quarantine. Schools are open too, at least in our region, but probably not for much longer.

RE: Stay safe! - payoak - 03-23-2020

In Spain the situation is crazy, similar to China some weeks ago. I hope the rest of Europe to control it better.

RE: Stay safe! - Terry93D - 03-23-2020

Michigan's governor just issued a stay-at-home order. So the isolation continues.

RE: Stay safe! - Mattias Westlund - 03-28-2020

Swedish aurhorities have gone from restricting public gatherings from 500 people to 50 people. Judging from reports from other countries, even that seems a lot to me, but what do I know. Maybe we're not being hit as hard as other places (or maybe we are, we just don't know it yet). The US seems to be in for a rough time Sad