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Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - payoak - 03-15-2020

Did anyone try one of these courses?
They seem good quality but they are not cheap so I am looking for some opinions.

RE: Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - Terry93D - 03-15-2020

I have not used the Cinematic Composing courses, and I do not intend to, but I think your time and money would be better spent perusing free and cheaper resources. There are numerous resources covering a variety of topics, not just orchestration and virtual orchestration but also harmony and counterpoint, all over the 'Net. Here's a few of them. These are all excellent, free resources.

If you must spend money, I recommend Mike Verta's online masterclasses. They are deep, highly-informed, and above all, practical. For the $30 you spend, you will get several hours of information. I own one of his courses, and I'm still working through it. Frankly, he could probably charge twice or thrice or even more for his courses and they would still retain their value.

While I have no doubt that there is some use that can be had from the Cinematic Composing courses, their prices are absurd beyond belief, so whatever resources they may have, I am dubious that it's $900+ worth of knowledge. Your time and money is better spent elsewhere.

RE: Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - peastman - 03-15-2020

Also add Open Music Theory which is a free music theory textbook.

RE: Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - Mattias Westlund - 03-16-2020

payoak: Any particular reason you are posting these threads in the Off-topic section? They are, after all, not off topic at all Smile

RE: Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - payoak - 03-16-2020

I wasn't sure in which section should I post it. Please move it to another one if it is more appropriate.

RE: Any opinions on "Cinematic Composing Courses" - PPH - 11-11-2020

I know it's been months, but I hadn't noticed this, and besides, in March I couldn't have answered to this.

I think this course is the expensive version of this other course:

If Google "knows" you're into this stuff, you must have seen the ads on YouTube.

Another YouTube channel you may want to check out is Guy Michelmore's. He runs ThinkSpace Education, which you may want to check out too. They have a course called "Sampled orchestration in a weekend" that costs $99, but I think you can get it cheaper sometimes of the year (susbcribe to their newsletter so you know). They have other courses as well. I know the first part of the course, which is available if you sign up for the trial. It's good, though that part is very basic. Obviously, it must get more advanced from there, but still, maybe the whole course is for beginners.

Also, there's Peter Schwartz's course. I haven't taken it either, but I suspect it has a very good cost-benefit ratio:

Also check out Groove3. There's the Orchestra Toolbox course (quite good, but I didn't complete it; my impression is that it was for beginners too). I don't recommend the one called "MIDI Orchestration Explained".

Mike Verta has some sales in which he lowers his prices a couple of times a year.

What do you want to learn? Making realistic orchestral arrangements? Or composing in general? What's your current level of knowledge?

In general, I'm under the impression it's difficult to find a course (in my case) that I'd be happy to pay for without regretting it later. But I may be wrong.