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Samples Spotlight Reviews - The Darris - 09-04-2019

Hello everyone! My name is Chris Harris and I was recently invited to join this group by a friend. I used to run my own reviewing series on YouTube called Samples Spotlight. Due to personal reasons, I shut down my reviewing side of things. I still think that they can be useful so I created an unlisted playlist of all of my reviews for your consumption (linked below). I hope that they can be a valuable resource to those who are wanting to invest money into this expensive endeavor. I would also like to make myself available to answer any questions about those libraries I've reviewed if I didn't cover any questions you've had about them. 

I'm looking forward to contributing to this community and learning from you all. 



Samples Spotlight - Full Series

RE: Samples Spotlight Reviews - bigcat1969 - 09-04-2019

Hello and welcome to this place. Thanks for your reviews!

RE: Samples Spotlight Reviews - The Darris - 09-05-2019

(09-04-2019, 11:06 PM)bigcat1969 Wrote: Hello and welcome to this place. Thanks for your reviews!

Thanks bigcat! I'm thinking about continuing my review series but making it exclusive to this forum. Not sure yet but if other find the current back log useful, I may start it back up. Thanks again!