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String quartet arrangement of K 545, feedback? - caters - 05-09-2019

I have arranged Piano Sonata K 545 for a string quartet. It only took me 2 hours to arrange the entire first movement. The last time I have made an arrangement this quick was when I arranged The Four Seasons for a flute and piano duet. All my other arrangements have taken days to months to complete.

I only have the first movement of K 545 finished so far but if it took 2 hours to arrange the first movement(which is by far the most complex movement of the sonata), then it shouldn't take all that much longer to arrange the second and third movements.

I would like some feedback on my arrangement for string quartet. Here is the link:

Piano Sonata no. 16 in C major K 545 for String Quartet

So what do you think of my arrangement of K 545 for a string quartet?

Now you may be asking:

Quote:Why are you asking for feedback on an arrangement of a well known Mozart sonata?

And my answer to that would be that, while still being honest to Mozart's original melody and bass line, I also am adding my own harmonies to it because I can do that as an arranger. I have made sure that my own harmonies are consonant with what Mozart wrote. Also I looked on IMSLP to see if this sonata had already been arranged for string quartet and I did not see any string quartet arrangements, which I thought was kind of weird since I see string quartet arrangements of Mozart all the time. Also, I only recently found an arrangement on youtube and it is only of the first movement.

That kind of makes sense since out of all the movements, the first movement is very well known whereas the other 2 movements are not so well known. Also the arrangement I found uses a lot of pizzicato and I was told that arco is more appropriate for a Mozart arrangement. I was also told that in Mozart's era, the staccatos would be left unmarked and the string players would understand to use light, bouncy bowing, what modern composers would mark as staccato. I don't know if Mozart ever used pizzicato. If he did, it was certainly rare for him to do so.

I figured that just via context alone, any good string quartet will know to play some of the passages staccato but I marked all the staccatos, just to be on the safe side. I am currently working on arranging the second movement. And yes, I know you are going to complain that there are no slurs here. I haven't figured out where to put the slurs yet, I'm still looking to see which slurs would best fit the melodic shape. Once I know that, I will put in the slurs.

Other than the lack of slurs, do you see anything else that could be improved about my string quartet arrangement?

Here is the arrangement I found in case you want to listen to it:

RE: String quartet arrangement of K 545, feedback? - The Darris - 09-05-2019


I just joined this forum recently and was wanting to listen to your arrangement but the musescore link does not work. Feel free to repost it if you'd like me to take a listen.