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My Music Channel - Jonathanese - 06-19-2016

I figure I could have posted each song separately, but currently all my music uses free orchestral samples, so I might as well share the whole channel!

I've always liked film music, and trying to bring character into big orchestral performances. I'm trying to learn some smaller-scale stuff, but it seems to take so much more effort to make it sound good.

So anyways, here you go! 
Music Channel
(Apparently I can't embed a playlist)

RE: My Music Channel - Otto Halmén - 08-26-2016

Sorry for the late greeting. It was a busy summer and I didn't notice you came over here.

My rating of your channel:
+5: That's some proper low cash MIDI orchestral voodoo there.
-1: I want to hear more originals from you. Wink
Final score: 4/5

Anyway, welcome aboard Scoring Central! Smile