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A very old piece - Kev Adams - 06-14-2016

Here is the first extended piece I ever did, using mainly VI's, back in 2002.

It was originally written for a Millennium event in a nearby village, and explains how the village (Maids Moreton) got its name.
You may want to skip the first 1:30 which is a very slow depiction of dawn in the countryside. The sun rises at 1:58, then the song starts properly.

I did this in Cubasis. (the version that was around with Cubase VST5) The tacky synth sounds come from the Turtle Beach soundcard I had then (!!) and there are a lot of soundfonts from Andreas Sumerauer's 'Early Patches' which I still use to this day.

I still love this, despite how much I have learned since then.