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Free online course about orchestral scoring - Kev Adams - 06-08-2016

A friend of mine put me onto a source of free online learning modules at

I had a look and found this one:

I have subscribed to it. I suspect it will be pretty basic stuff, and perhaps of no use to people on here, but I'm keen to at least give it a go, having never done any distance learning before.


RE: Free online course about orchestral scoring - Otto Halmén - 06-08-2016

The page you see after logging in Wrote:This free online course provides a general introduction to how to understand a musical score, and insights into what professional musicians do with the notation that these contain. You’ll learn how to connect the notation you see with the music you hear, from short familiar melodies to a full orchestral score.

Most importantly, it also Wrote:This course is intended for anyone with an interest in music. You do not need to be able to read musical notation or play an instrument.

This looks like it could help kickstart the musicianship of an enthusiastic beginner. While I already read music, I might check it out anyway. If it turns out to be good, at least I'll have something to point people to. Smile