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RE: Free Choir VSTs - bigcat1969 - 02-13-2018

Anyone have a minute or two to listen to this and tell me what some of these keyboards are? I'm kinda curious.

RE: Free Choir VSTs - Paul Battersby - 02-13-2018

My best guess is celesta (or celeste) but it might still be something else.

RE: Free Choir VSTs - bigcat1969 - 02-14-2018

Thanks Paul. I didn't even know they existed.

RE: Free Choir VSTs - Mattias Westlund - 04-22-2018

(02-03-2018, 12:04 AM)bigcat1969 Wrote: I hear you man. I'm amazed how much you have already done and often recommend VPO.

Just to tempt you, the 30 choir patches in what should be fairly usable form. I didn't edit or normalize them so they can be tightened if someone really wants...

I think these are all in wave format. I uploaded them some time ago so I might be wrong...

Hey bigcat, may I trouble you for those flute and brass packs? None of the above links are working anymore, and dowloading the full 22GB dataset is taking forever here...

RE: Free Choir VSTs - bigcat1969 - 04-22-2018

Sure thing...

This is the folder with everything in it. I think it is accessible.

RE: Free Choir VSTs - Mattias Westlund - 04-23-2018

Great, thanks! Smile