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Screen grabs - jmcmillan - 01-30-2018

Feeling a bit dumb not being able to figure it do I paste a picture into a post?

RE: Screen grabs - Michael Willis - 01-30-2018

From what I can tell, you need to host the picture somewhere else, like or google photos of something similar. After you have uploaded your image to the third-party service, copy its url and then when writing a post here, click on the icon that looks like a polaroid photo and paste the URL.

Warning: browsing around is not recommended, it's a huge waste of time and you'll likely be offended by something if you look long enough...

RE: Screen grabs - Samulis - 02-01-2018

You can also upload attachments below the editor in the "full reply" screen ("quick reply" has no BB code/markup stuff). I try to make them really small though so not to waste Mattias' bandwidth- like under 800x600 and/or 100 KB if I can help it.