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Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-18-2017

I am hoping this is temporary, but this weekend I notice a pressure in my ear and things not sounding right. After testing my left ear is fine, but in my right I can’t hear anything below about 500Hz. Some mid range frequency also create a weird harmonic echo. It makes it very difficult to hear things properly making the art of VI almost impossible. 

Hoping sharing my situation might help someone. 

Until it clears up I am writing by notation only and using my hearing as is and my “internal” hearing to write music. I hope to perform it with samples later when this clears up. I think it’s the best I can do for now to keep my music chops up.

It also makes me nervous to use earbuds or headphones much, if at all. My “studio” is in a temp space (kitchen table) setting up and tearing down every weekend. If this clears up, I’ll probably use monitors exclusively. 

Not trying to be a downer or evoke some sympathy. Hopefully it all goes away and doesn’t go full “Beethoven”!

RE: Hearing loss - Viktor - 12-18-2017

I would be very careful with making any judgement on your own without a doctors help. I've been turning myself crazy because I thought I had screwed up one ear of mine because of sudden hearing loss, that was very short. After going to the doc I was told, that both my ears are actually quit working the best they can and that the very short hearing loss came from back problems. So just better visit a doctor, you're hearing could be the product of so many things, like even constipation in the ear can make the hearing worse. And if you really are loosing you're hearing a doctor at least could tell you what might be the cause and how you can advert further damage, while I not hope thats the case.
Good Luck!

RE: Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-18-2017

Most definitely will be seeing a doctor ASAP. Was really hoping my ear would just “pop” and all would go back to normal but...nothing yet.

RE: Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-20-2017

Sudden Sensorinural Hearing Loss was the diagnosis. If treated with steroid ASAP chances are fair to good for a complete recovery. We shall see in the next few weeks. 

Take care of your ears and make as much music as possible while they’re good!

RE: Hearing loss - Michael Willis - 12-20-2017

Wow, at least there's a sizable possibility of recovery. Best of luck to you.

RE: Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-23-2017

Thank you! I am hoping for the best. At least the harmonic echo is gone and C5-G5 doesn’t sound like an out of tune piano.

RE: Hearing loss - Mattias Westlund - 12-23-2017

Glad to hear that there's hope of recovery! Scary how stuff like that can happen out of nowhere Sad

RE: Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-23-2017

Thanks! It freaked me out. I was just starting to feel like I was getting the hang of this DAW/Virtual instrument thing! So...if I can’t hear below 500Hz out of my right ear forever, I might have to switch earphone sides when mixing it (since all the low instruments are generally panned right). I hope all frequencies come back though!

RE: Hearing loss - Mattias Westlund - 12-23-2017

Fingers crossed! I had a real scare some seven years ago when I woke up one morning and couldn't hear anything above ~2k on my right ear, combined with some sort of tinnitus-like ringing. Turned out it was only clogged ear wax and easy to remedy. Still, it freaks you out when something you rely so heavily upon just starts acting up like that.

RE: Hearing loss - jmcmillan - 12-23-2017

Glad it was something easy to fix for you!
The doctor prescribed an oral steroid for 2 weeks, then back for a hearing assessment. If all is healed to my satisfaction I can stop there.
If not healed, I can opt for a shot in my eardrum!!! To get the steroids back to the inner ear they have to do one shot per week for 5 weeks.
Hoping something works. You never know how it affects you till it’s gone (sounds like a song title).