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Fantasy/Adventure Theme - Markus Lindner - 11-09-2017

Hello community!

I've been watching this forum for quite a while and learned a lot from it but never posted anything myself.
I want to change this today by introducing myself with one of the first more complex pieces I wrote for full orchestra:

I used mostly Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, SoniVox Strings (only for staccato articulations), VSCO (some woodwind staccatos) and some Alan Vista stuff.
Moreover, I used Sanford Reverb and Iron Oxide 5.

Tell me what you think! Feedback is always welcome!

RE: Fantasy/Adventure Theme - Viktor - 11-09-2017

The music sounds pretty good to me so far. I think you could maybe spend some time on enhancing the orchestral spacing and maybe go more heavy on the reverb, but im a not for heavy reverbs. I think you could increase the inensity of your piece quit by a margin by using more percussion. I'm not talking about constant Taiko patterns or something like that, but a bit more timpani, some rolls here and there, I think that would make it better. I think it's really cool, that you took time to make the swells and stuff, they make it pretty dynamical.

I hope that helps you a bit.

RE: Fantasy/Adventure Theme - Chris Spyratos - 11-10-2017

Hello Markus! Your piece is beautiful and very well balanced. You 've got some pro skills there! Thanks for sharing it with us!

RE: Fantasy/Adventure Theme - Otto Halmén - 11-10-2017

Welcome aboard! Smile

The part that starts 20 seconds in... I think you should re-think the orchestration there. Right now, the accompaniment distracts a lot from the main melody. The violins, in that dynamic and playing range, are rather bright and prominent, whereas the clarinet is quite soft and held-back. The result is a bit disorienting, kind of like a photo where the subject is out of focus. You could try switching around the instruments and/or ranges in which the parts are played, or perhaps even switch to a sparser accompaniment to leave more room for the melody.

Other than that, your orchestration holds up, and you're definitely in the fantasy/adventure ballpark when it comes to the general feel of the song. Smile