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Modwheel XFade in TX16Wx, need some help! - Chris Spyratos - 11-01-2017

I am trying to build a percussion patch based on the samples of Sonivox's Big Bang (which are not encrypted) and utilizing all the controlling powers of TX16Wx. I know my way around this sampler a little bit but this part eludes me. I don't know if I should use the matrix or something else or if it is even possible.

[Image: e0b6610d9dfe862c134c05c5e0853417--monty-...hemera.jpg]

The samples are from bass drum rolls and are divided into 6 layers of dynamics (PP to FF). What I need to do is to have ALL the samples triggered on keypress, and with the modwheel, fade in and out of each layer at their crossing points. Although I had successfully accomplished this on an sfz patch (with all the help I got from this heavensent forum) the TX16Wx does not implement it. Now this little nuisance stands between me and my plans for the Ultimate Percussion Patchâ„¢.