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Reaper Sforzando - JorgeKg - 10-30-2017

Good evening ! Uni composition student here. I have used Reaper as a recording interface but not as a vst-midi one . I ve downloaded Sforzando and i want to add it in my Reaper so i can use the sounds of the Virtual orchestra. I can't find it out yet. Any tip is welcome ! 

 Thanks in advance


RE: Reaper Sforzando - Mattias Westlund - 10-30-2017

Hi Jorge, and welcome aboard!

What you need to do is install Sforzando to your Vstplugins directory. I'm afraid I can't remember what REAPER defaults to, but if you google "vst plugins default folder" you might get some pointers. Of course, you can also choose to install plugins to whatever directory you want (like C:\Vstplugins). Then, in REAPER, you need to go into Options -> Preferences -> Plug-ins -> VST -> and then use the Add... button to browse for the directory where you have installed Sforzando (or whatever).

Hope that helps!