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Her past is a palace - Chris Spyratos - 10-30-2017

So, I got the chance to participate in the Athens Game Festival '17 that took place last weekend. There was a call for artists to showcase their work for games in audio and illustration with an original composition.

This was my entry:

As usually done in Reaper. All instruments from Sonuscore's The Orchestra, played through KONTAKT Player, except for the percussion which are samples from Sonivox's Big Bang Drums compiled into sfz's by me and played through ARIA. OrilRiver VST for reverb and some EQ with Newfangled's EQuivocate.

Would love to hear some feedback!

RE: Her past is a palace - Michael Willis - 10-30-2017

I love that the bassoon takes such an important role in this piece, and you used its distinctive sound very well.

For feedback, I kept thinking the accents in the strings should more attack. That could maybe be done by having the contrabass section doing a pizzicato note for each accent in the strings section, and maybe doubling it up with something in the percussion section.

Overall great work, especially for a weekend project!

RE: Her past is a palace - Chris Spyratos - 11-14-2017

Thank you for your comments! I am always amazed at how much insight can someone get from a fresh set of ears and mind!

I went for a dark-folkish-mystery vibe thats why I chose the bassoon for the melody. Thats the reason I went for an 5er rhythm too. I like how odd rhythms drive the melody and I would like some day to be able to utilize the more complex rhythms of the balkan peninsula in my melodies.

On the second part I transposed the melody to freshen it up as well as expanded its intervals to hide that #4 and make it less exotic.