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RE: UDemy tries to teach bigcat - bigcat1969 - 07-24-2017

Thanks Sam. And thanks for taking the time to listen to all these tracks and your feedback.

RE: UDemy tries to teach bigcat - bigcat1969 - 07-28-2017

Sorry but hear is another oddity. I was listening to a Great Courses lecture on really early medieval music and the sort of trying to sing in odd harmonic rounds came up. Now of course I can't sing, but I can kind of coax Blue to sing and I found a male whistling thing that seemed OK for the second round. They are basically independent melodies in more or less the right relation to the strings' chords. Also I've been curious about throwing the middle note of the chord to the top which probably gets old for the whole song. So lots of experimentation.

RE: UDemy tries to teach bigcat - bigcat1969 - 08-02-2017

Odd assignment we are supposed to do an 8 bar thing that is atonal and adaptive through four layers, peaceful, restricted area, sighted by enemy and combat. Each layer adds an instrument.

RE: UDemy tries to teach bigcat - bigcat1969 - 08-04-2017

In my continuing efforts to drive everyone nuts so I have more company...
On VIC someone mentioned the brittle middle of sampled pianos, so I had to try writing in the middle of the keyboard and the velocity range.

RE: UDemy tries to teach bigcat - bigcat1969 - 08-09-2017

I got some cheap Celtic and game music bundles on Groupees. Wow it helps me realize what good game music is. That and listening to Mattias soundtrack. This leads me to thanking everyone who has listened to my crappy music! I hope you weren't traumatized! But hey if I was as good as Bach, Sam or Mattias I wouldn't have all this astounding room for improvement. Onwards and sideways...