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Iron Oxide goes freeware - Otto Halmén - 05-09-2017

I'm following Airwindows intensely. His plugins are awesome, although he takes the whole DOTADIW quite seriously and his myriad of one trick ponies can sometimes be a bit hard to navigate and organize. "Oh, this one existed as well?"

Anyway, he just freewared this former payware plugin, and since some people (like me) use saturation in their orchestral mixes, I thought I'd share. Smile

RE: Iron Oxide goes freeware - Mattias Westlund - 05-09-2017

This will surely come in handy, the only tape sims I have are x86 (Bootsy's Ferric and JB's Ferox) and I've been looking for a nice x64 one. Thanks for the tip!

RE: Iron Oxide goes freeware - kmlandre - 05-12-2017

Would either or both of you post an audio A/B clip sometime of this in action?  I don't think I've ever used it as it's only seemed to make things more brittle/harsh sounding...