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RE: SSO 2.0 - bigcat1969 - 04-10-2017

Not trying to be a jerk because we all know I've exploited Mattias' work more than any other human being living, dead or undecided, but if anyone but Mattias does an updated orchestra like this it should be called something else beside Sonatina 2.0. Like Paul did with VPO or Noah does with alpine. Cut your own path. SSO 2 implies Mattias made it. We all ride the man's coattails, but he deserves to be THE MAN.

These opinions and commentaries are bigcat's alone do not necessarily represent the opinions of scoring central or Mattias Westlund.

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 04-10-2017

Here's an example of how that might work:

This is just a quick and dirty version, so don't expect it to sound very good, but it gives the basic idea.  I used clarinets since that's the case where the two sets of samples are most egregiously different.  The oboe and bassoon sounds are much closer.

RE: SSO 2.0 - sig-ex - 04-13-2017

Great work peastman! :-)

I'm actually behind the times for stuff like github, but familiar enough to suggest it :-P . Maybe now is a good time to learn.
I've also been silently computer crunching for a while and just recently come up with an update for the SSO grand piano. It includes an attempt at phase alignment of the velocity layers and re-tuning with the help of the Entropy Tuner.
Here are links:

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 04-13-2017

Excellent!  I'll take a look at it.

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 06-04-2017

I'd really like to get this project finished up soon. Mattias, are you still planning on creating the other samples? If you prefer that I just remove the staccato articulations, that's fine too. Just tell me what you want.

RE: SSO 2.0 - Mattias Westlund - 06-07-2017

I'm sorry, I don't have time to work on any new samples at this point. Leave them in or not, that's up to you. All I ask is that upon release, you make it clear that this is not an "official" new SSO release from me, so as not to cause any confusion (and I would also like to avoid getting my inbox full of SSO 2 support questions Wink).

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 06-08-2017

That's fine. Once I write up a readme for it, you can look it over to make sure you approve of everything it says.

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 06-11-2017

OK, I removed the VSCO samples. I don't want to include anything you aren't happy with. At some point in the future if you feel motivated to create staccato samples that meet your standards I can add them then.

I've added a README. Can you take a look and make sure it looks OK to you?

RE: SSO 2.0 - Mattias Westlund - 06-12-2017

Yup, looks fine to me Smile

RE: SSO 2.0 - peastman - 06-13-2017

Great! I've created the release on Github. The release notes are at