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The Four Seasons Ensemble SoundFont (Check it out and Try It!!!!!) - AriannaC0807 - 01-13-2017

Do you all like Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons? Do you want a great SoundFont that plays that piece?, Then you came to the right place! "THE FOUR SEASONS ENSEMBLE SOUNDFONT!!!"
Download the SoundFont here:
Since I called another SoundFont "Brandenburg Ensemble.sf2," I decided to name this SoundFont "The Four Seasons Ensemble." DOUBLE-LOL!!! Big Grin  

About the SoundFont: The Name, Four Seasons, was actually taken from a famous piece composed by Antonio Vivaldi for Violin and String Orchestra + Continuo. I have given the name to the soundfont, "The Four Seasons Ensemble", which is a silly name for a created SoundFont, but still, it's very good. It kind of sounds and reminds me of that Italian String Ensemble, "I Musici", which has 6 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, Double Bass, and sometimes a Harpsichord or an Organ. Speaking of that, I've decided to use 2 variations of the VSCO Organ, instead of a Harpsichord Preset, because I want this SoundFont to almost sound like I Musici. Smile


Note: ONLY use THIS SOUNDFONT for compositions of Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons and other pieces which uses THESE INSTRUMENTS ONLY, and do NOT use other soundfonts for these pieces, because they will NOT sound the same to this one.


How the SoundFont was created: Created by using other SoundFonts such as aaviolin, Squidfont Orchestra, VSCO Organ Samples, Solo Viola.sf2, Virtual Playing Orchestra Samples, and Solo Cello from Muysng Kite.

Program: Polyphone

Licence: Creative Commons 0. (Which means you can use this SoundFont for anything, and you can adjust, or edit these instruments and samples however you want them to be). Smile Wink Heart

Notice: I'm NOT sure who recorded these Original SoundFont Samples. Maybe all of you will guess. Confused Huh

About the .mscz Files for the SoundFont: The .mscz files are converted from midi files that are from

I edited and adjusted all of the instrument parts and added a Double Bass and Organ Part to these .mscz’s. These are just examples of the Complete Four Seasons. (Some Movements, and NOT All of the movements from each season).

I’ve converted the .mscz files to .wav and used the Media Human Audio Converter app to convert the .wav files into .mp3 files.

(About the Converted .mp3s) Notice: You will hear a lot of styles and versions of these .mp3 files. The SoundFont sounds a little bit to me, like the Italian String Ensemble “I Musici” thats playing these movements.

Speaking of I Musici, Here’s their own version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons which you can check these videos out here:

Note: There’s a Harpsichord playing in the 1st Movement of Winter. Don’t forget., Even if my Four Seasons SoundFont doesn’t have a harpsichord.

I don’t know when this film was released. I think it’s released in the, 30s?, 40s?, 50s?, 60s?, 70s?, 80s?, 90s?, 2000s?, I don’t know.

As I was saying, the different styles of these seasons are everywhere in each season, Some styles like part I Musici, part Julia Fischer and the Academy of St. Martin in the fields’s version, Part Janine Jansen’s Version, etc.

Let me know what you think about this article. Enjoy the .mp3s.

License: If you don’t know about the license, Feel-free to look back to the Original Review about the SoundFont.

BTW, The Four Seasons SoundFont is a Creative Commons 0 licensed SoundFont I made, so you can use it for anything, including other compositions and arrangement pieces for THESE INSTRUMENTS ONLY!!! You can also create your own Compositions and Arrangement pieces by using the attached .mscz file of a blank Score of the Ensemble. The instruments are panned and have somereverb just like the Italian String Ensemble, “I Musici”, so you don’t have to make panning adjustments. You can Edit, or Adjust the Instrument Parts and the Score and make up your own Concerto or Orchestral Piece and turn these composition pieces and arrangements into .wav or .mp3 format.

(There's an Updated Version of that SoundFont out there, that I created. I have made an updated version of my own "Four Seasons Ensemble SoundFont!!!"
Just in case you don't know what the differences between the Original and the Updated Version is, Download the Original Here:
Then here is the UPDATED VERSION!!!:
Please feel-free and comment below if one of these versions of the SoundFont sound better or not.
And you can send me a lot of compositions or arrangements of anything by using the SOUNDFONT ONLY!!!!! (Both Versions of the SoundFont for the Audio Formats from the Score!)

Note: The Instruments samples in “The Four Seasons Ensemble SoundFont (UPDATED)” have been changed. (Violin Samples recorded by me “All Minor Thirds, Except Open Strings”, Cello Samples taken from here: and then edited the whole sample with some notes I used., Organ Samples used from here:, Harpsichord Samples from here:

Since these new Cello Samples are created under the Attribution Noncommercial License, I’ll have to say that the WHOLE UPDATED SOUNDFONT is created under the Attribution Noncommercial License now. Dodgy  

The .msczs are different from the Original, with some Instruments replaced.

Let me know if you like the SoundFont or not, and Feel-Free to Comment, Ask Questions or Concerns, and what you like about the SoundFont and what your favorite instrument is.

Enjoy the SoundFont. Smile Heart