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RE: Sonivox Orchestral Companion thoughts - Nayrb - 08-18-2019

(08-18-2019, 01:09 AM)Mattias Westlund Wrote: I have a strong feeling that the Sonivox of today is not related to the Sonic Implants of old (yeah, they used to call themselves that) who were very much at the forefront of sampling back in the day. I smell a brand name that was bought out only to be milked by some vague corporate entity when the original company went out of business. And it's a damn shame.

"Damn shame" is the best way to describe it. They don't even seem to realize that they have a marketable product on their hands that could be very popular if they tried a little harder. The samples are good. I may even be able to salvage some of them, ripping the flutter tongues and such and just mapping them in Kontakt or whatever.