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Kontakt Factory Library installation path? - Mattias Westlund - 12-07-2021

Uh... help. I bought Kontakt sometime last year but I have yet to get the factory library. Really didn't seem all that interesting to me seeing as it's all some pretty dated and limited stuff, and I was mostly after all the 3rd party content.

Just for fun I wanted to install it today, but Native Access won't let me. The Factory lib weighs in at 23GB. I have less than that available on the SSD where I keep all my bigger and more demanding libraries, and Kontakt has for some reason decided that's where ALL my libs must go. What's up with this? Surely there must be a way to tell Kontakt that I have other drives with more free space on them?

RE: Kontakt Factory Library installation path? - PPH - 12-07-2021

In the preferences of Native Access, you can choose the Download Location. You can choose Content Location too, but I think, in addition to that general setting, once you download a library you can specify in which drive you want to place it.

Correction: when you download, it will automatically be installed in the configured Content Location. But you can move it afterwards.

RE: Kontakt Factory Library installation path? - Nayrb - 12-08-2021

^Yes, what they said. You should be able to change the content location in Native Access and then add file paths in Kontakt for finding libraries. Some libraries and patches--cheap, free, and old ones--are not discoverable in the same way and just have to be navigated to via the file menu.

I still make extensive use of the stock Kontakt world samples; The percussion holds up. There's quite a bit in the way of synth stuff, too, including sampled vintage gear, which can be fun. Of the newer content, I've only played around with the synthwave library, but I enjoy it. I haven't used it much yet because I've been doing most of my synth stuff in that genre with Hybrid, learning how to make patches and figuring out all the bells and whistles.

You can also choose to install only the libraries you want to install and not necessarily everything else. For stock stuff, I'm still actually using Kontakt 4  Big Grin I just use Kontakt 6 for all the third party stuff. I think I'll have to change over eventually, though. It just seems silly to double up on the same samples on my sample drive. I'd have to delete the old ones and install the new ones, and break a bunch of things in my template (again).

I posted about this in the "Kontkat and Outputs" thread, but here it is again if you didn't see it. You might run into a bug with the outputs that can be fixed via Scott's directions here.

RE: Kontakt Factory Library installation path? - Mattias Westlund - 12-08-2021

Thanks guys. The Native Access interface is so bare-bones I didn't realize Preferences were hidden under the user account icon (which I thought was just a login button). Here's the thing though: If I change the content location from G:\ to D:\, will Kontakt still be able to locate the libs that are on G:\?

As far as I can tell the factory library can only be installed from NA, it doesn't appear to have a separate downloadable installer. Hence, I'm given no option to select a different installation path.

RE: Kontakt Factory Library installation path? - Mattias Westlund - 12-08-2021

Thanks Jerry! I went ahead and changed the content path to D:\, and looking at my various other libs in NA, they still point to G:\ so all is well. Smile