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The Alpine Project - tonaliszt - 11-02-2016

Hi all, 
I'm Noah Horowitz, and I run the Alpine Project.
I just wanted to introduce myself, as I hope to start participating in discussion here.

RE: The Alpine Project - Samulis - 11-02-2016

Hey Noah,

I'm so glad you decided to join the community, welcome aboard! I've kept a close eye on your work for the past year or so- very nice! Nice username too, hehe.

There's a lot of talk about freeware soundsources, developing libraries, etc. I am sure you'll fit right in and look forward to seeing you around. Smile

RE: The Alpine Project - Mattias Westlund - 11-02-2016

Hi Noah and welcome to the forum!

I don't use Kontakt myself, but judging from the audio clips on your site, that's some very tasty samples you got there Smile

RE: The Alpine Project - bigcat1969 - 11-02-2016

Noah has some good stuff cooking up there in the Alpine heights.

RE: The Alpine Project - tonaliszt - 11-04-2016

Thanks guys.
By the way, SSO was my first sample library, and I surely would not have created The Alpine Project without its influence.  

For those wondering about the name, it was inspired by Strauss's Alpine Symphony, one of my favorite pieces.  I hope to one day have a mockup of it made using only free vi's!!