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True Strike 1 Updated - Nayrb - 10-09-2021

Well, Project SAM has updated one of my favorite libraries, True Strike 1. Might be worth looking into for anyone who is interested, as it's on sale right now.

I can't say whether I'll use the new interface much as yet, though. I can't even say anything about the new features yet because when I try to open it there are EIGHT THOUSAND files missing, and it's taking hours for Kontakt to find them all (after which point I'll resave the patch and hope I never have to do this again). By the way, anyone have any quick fix answers for that? I thought about trying Batch Resave, but it says I might have to manually find the missing files myself anyway, which puts me back in the same place. This kind of thing is not new to me, but when a patch wants every sample in the library, it seems a bit ridiculous... The reason it wants all the samples loaded at once is the new interface is some kind of all-in-one thing, I guess.

Edit: the update was apparently missing files. I emailed Project SAM about it. Not sure WHY it was missing files, since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Guess we'll see what happens when they respond...