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My Portfolio - Ottnil007 - 10-23-2016

Hey!  Smile

I'm new to this forum and it feels great to be in the company of so many creative people!

I would like to share some of my work and have your opinion on it:

Here's my artist page on Spotify:

Some of my other work that didn't get on Spotify can be found here: 
Risico (2015) - Full OST
Reflection of the Soul (2013) - Full OST

These are scores for James Bond fan films and can't be uploaded on Spotify due to copyright.

RE: My Portfolio - Otto Halmén - 10-24-2016

Welcome aboard, Otto Nilsson!

Looks like you've got a nice portfolio going already! I listened to some of it (namely cherrypicking the ones with vocals) and I like what I'm hearing. I know it can be a real pleasure to work with virtual orchestration for songs with prominent lead vocals. Smile

RE: My Portfolio - Ottnil007 - 10-24-2016

Thank you Otto! Smile

I think songs are the hardest for me since I'm more comfortable in writing instrumental film music but as you said working with good VST's are really a joy for the ear and soul! Big Grin

RE: My Portfolio - Mattias Westlund - 10-25-2016

Welcome to the forum Otto Nilsson! I don't have spotify so I have only listened to your stuff on Youtube, but that does indeed sound very nice Smile

Out of curiosity, how do you handle using all these classic Bond themes in fan movies? Did you have to ask for permission from the composers/rights holders to use them?

RE: My Portfolio - Ottnil007 - 10-25-2016

Thank you Mattias! I appreciate it.

I didn't ask for permission but those scores are not on Spotify so I don't make any money from them in any way.

RE: My Portfolio - peastman - 10-29-2016

Nice! I don't have Spotify either, but the things on YouTube sound... well... exactly like music from a James Bond movie. Smile You did a great job of capturing that sound.

RE: My Portfolio - Ottnil007 - 11-01-2016

Thank you all! I really appreciate it Smile