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Full Version: Blending cinematic orchestral cinematic music with metal
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(08-07-2020, 11:26 PM)Mattias Westlund Wrote: [ -> ]Per Aspera suffers from much the same issue as the other tracks; it starts out very atmospheric, building up to something truly epic, but it never really takes off. All that happens is that more instruments get added while the same basic idea repeats over and over (and then whimpers and comes to a stop). I'd like to hear key changes, modulation, variation!

You have great melodic ideas and much better sample libraries than I have. Use this to your advantage!

Firstly.. ONE orchestral library and ONE lightweight choir library! Rest all libraries are freebies. Cool 

Actually, its more about me getting stuck with the trailer music formula which you can see here.
It maybe because I have been listening to those kind of music a lot.

Speaking about attention span.. even on a 2 minute track such as these , the average watch time is about 1 min. And, last but not least, I kind of get saturated while writing, mixing and mastering as I have to hear the same track over and over again Tongue . So, i start trimming the fat and at the end of it, I am just left with just a two minute track.
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