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Full Version: The Music of Terry93D (A Running Thread)
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(06-18-2021, 11:44 PM)Terry93D Wrote: [ -> ]New piece! I hope you find it as fun to listen to as I found it to write.

Sweet piece Terry! I like everything that is going on in the background. The dulcimer gives a central European quality and I like especially how it ends on an unexpected degree.

A new piece!

(Also, quick plug for my Patreon. Patrons get to hear new music before the rest of the world [there's two tracks exclusive to patrons right now], sheet music of transcriptions, original poetry, and plenty of miscellaneous writing.)
Two new pieces:

"Unflinching Resolve," a recomposition of something I wrote back in 2019 and was never fully satisfied with, and "The Notion of Home," a Michael Nyman-esque piece of music written for an episode of the Twelfth Doctor Fan Audios. Please enjoy.
Two very peaceful compositions. I can picture myself relaxing in the living room as these play in the background. These set a nice mood.
Great work
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