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Full Version: List of free sample libraries
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This is a list of free sample libraries. If you've come across free sample libraries that you found useful, feel free to drop a line so we can add them to the list. Smile

Update (8-24-16): I'm back, but it's gonna be a while until I've caught up with the list. I've yet to crawl through While I was busy, it seems VSCO 2 CE dropped. Be sure to check that one out. Right now, it's one of the largest freeware libs out there.

Update (5-18-16): Wow! I'm about two thirds through this list so far, and there's some quite amazing stuff in there. You could probably pull off a pretty mean scoring template without spending a single dime, provided you've got the time and patience to audition everything and find out what matches with what.
Here's something interesting: Musical Arifacts. Lots of public domain and CC-licensed stuff, including much of the old soundfonts from Hammersound.
Thanks! Might be a while until I'm done looking through all of it, though. Big Grin
(05-31-2016, 08:29 PM)Otto Halmén Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks! Might be a while until I'm done looking through all of it, though. Big Grin

What, you're not done yet? I thought you had started on the reviews by now!

Big Grin
I found these a little while back. A good sized collection of percussion instruments (Some of it was derived from G-Town and the University of Iowa samples.) and a couple pianos. There used to be a small selection of woodwind instruments before this. Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and a saxophone, each with a few articulations. But for some reason, they're not there anymore.
Welcome aboard, Steven, and thanks for the link! I'll have to find the time to try these out properly. It seems like there isn't exactly a shortage of free piano libs. Smile
If I can be forgiven for mentioning it, I've been working on a blog with the best Kontakt instruments I've come up with. I've tightened up the previously mentioned Salamander Piano and the LDK1609 Violin (man I hate editing samples), tuned some things, added scripts ,etc... An ongoing project. A few woodwinds and brass for Kontakt.

Oh and thanks Otto! Yeah, there does seem to be quite an abundance of pianos in the free realm.

It's a shame that Anthony got rid of his woodwind instruments. I really like the oboe that was up on his site.
Got this recently and found it useful:

It works with the UVI Workstation, which I still use a bit having followed through with them since the Plugsound Pro days.
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