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I've had some health problems and I've been staying in a guest apartment provided by the church I work for but no internet access which is actually surprisingly relaxing. I live 60 feet in the air up many steps! They discovered that I have a brain lesion but they think it will be a relatively east surgery sending in a robot. The recovery might be a rough week or two so I'm going to put a mattress in from the of the TV and watch the old Andy Griffith as I recover. I read to watch something fun and simple and old Andy qualifies.

All the best and keep a light on for me!
Oh, man that sucks Sad How do you even get a brain lesion, did you injure yourself somehow?

I've actually been thinking that it's been quiet from you for a long time now, but I thought you were busy with some project. Best of luck with the surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery! Let us know once you're back on your feet so we know everything went well, OK?
Thanks Mattias.
I have no idea. Felt completely exhausted and they took a look and found it. No idea why they even suspected. Its all kind of a blur. Four days on hospital. The surgery is to be scheduled next week so maybe 2 weeks out, a couple days in hospital, a couple days in rehab and a couple weeks getting back on my feet. Maybe all over by November?
All fingers crossed for November! Come to think of it, having a robot performing surgery on your brain is kind of cool. As long as it isn't out to rewire you to do the bidding of our machine overlords, that is.
Scary news.  Sad  I hope everything turns out ok. My advice is to focus on, and to look forward to, the days when dealing with this brain lesion is just a distant memory. That's the approach I use to get through anything unpleasant.
BC, sorry to hear about this! At least you will be able to brag afterwards that you had a robot in your brain... and thus became a cyborg for several minutes! Smile
Bigcat! I agree with the sentiments expressed by everybody else: it sounds scary, I hope things go well, and the part about the miniature robotic surgeon makes me feel like we really do live in amazing times. There are a lot of things that today are considered medical inconveniences, but just decades ago would have been really bad.
I, too, add my good vibes to the general soup of good-vibe-iness already cooked up by the above folks. I wish you a swift recovery, and I hope you get to name the robot they use. Andy Griffith IS actually a pretty relaxing show to watch when under the weather. And since it's nearing Halloween...

[Image: CO_Pp37UYAAgh9U.jpg]
Well I made it back up all those stairs! Thanks for all the wonderful words and kind wishes. Strangely I'm doing fine and enjoying life more than I ever have. I'm walking more and getting outside, feeling the sun on my face and chatting with my neighbors which was never me before.
(10-02-2019, 01:50 PM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm walking more and getting outside, feeling the sun on my face and chatting with my neighbors which was never me before.

Going outside? Talking to real human beings? I don't know what happened to you, but I like the new bigcat even more than before.
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