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Full Version: Trailer music for a game
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Here is my latest piece for a game that is currently being developed, I would love to get some feedback from this forum!

The style is probably more cinematic, not actually game music, since the game is heavily based on the story and the developers asked for a track to compliment their presentation trailer.

Pretty cool! Is that some kind of banjo that is so pervasive throughout the track? A nice choice. The strings are very lush and cinematic and do a good job building the track up when they come in.
(09-05-2019, 01:46 AM)Nayrb Wrote: [ -> ]Is that some kind of banjo that is so pervasive throughout the track?

Yes, they liked the idea of a stringed instrument in the foreground and I chose the banjo for its rural flavor. I am afraid that it can be too pervasive in some moments. Initially I had it drenched in reverb to give the impression of distance and had some typical ornaments of the instrument in the melody but we stripped it down in the last revisions.

The strings are from Sonuscore's "the Orchestra" which I find pretty usable.
Very cool! Getting some Westworld vibes here. Though I would suggest adding some form of banjo ornamentation back in, because right now it sounds super fake compared to the rest Smile
The banjo samples sound really short, like they are intended more for strumming or very fast picking, compared to these live banjo examples- (a few idiomatic demos on that page)

They also don't sound like they have RR; even though you did a good job playing with dynamics, maybe something like an old upright piano or even a zither would work better while still fitting that 'old American' feel?
The banjo sampleset is basic to say the least and surely the sustain is a bit short even for a banjo. In these arpeggios however, the lack of RR is the dead giveaway. I am planing to test some more VSTs, mainly because I like the banjo very much and there are some libraries out there that look like a promising investment.