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Full Version: Dynamic Crossfades in Kontakt
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Ok, I feel kind of like a dummy not being able to do this at this stage in my life; but how can I create dynamic crossfades in Kontakt?

Say I'm using a wind instrument from VSCO2 CE that I've mapped in Kontakt, and I'd like to use my modwheel for the standard old volume + velocity crossfade between two (or more) velocity layers. I've looked at some existing patches and read a few things online, but for some reason I'm just not getting anywhere. I get that you have to have a separate group for each layer and they all need to cover the whole velocity range, 0-127, so they are technically triggered simultaneously; but when I try it, it just plays both layers simultaneously and scales the volume. There has to be some other stuff going on that I'm not seeing; because the examples I've inspected don't look much more complicated than that. There's a place to assign a CC to the modwheel and a corresponding curve you can edit, but beyond that I'm not sure how to actually make the groups crossfade.

Edit: I figured out that it has to do with drawing in the envelope curve for the volume CC for each group.
I think I did it using the Nils Liberg scripts

If you want you can grab this and fix it too taste...
Thank you, sir! I knew I could count on you...

I think I've actually figured things out, at least in some rudimentary form, just by studying the existing stock Kontakt patches. When I made this post I had overlooked the important bit about drawing in envelope curves, which is why everything was sounding at once. It's not actually a "crossfade" as I was thinking of it. I've had some reasonable success this evening now.

I do have the Nils Xfade script laying around somewhere. I've used it before but had some trouble with it disagreeing with SIPS. And I don't think I could successfully omit groups from its grasp in keyswitch patches. If I recall correctly, though, it was pretty cool because it didn't require you to layer the groups over one another; it actually DID crossfade between the velocity layers. So still a very useful tool.
Yeah you are correct. I think I had to do WIPS and XFade in separate nkis. Another one that is fun is the script that pitch shifts samples and lets you play them all at once as a little 'section'.

If you get bored lots of free Kontakt orchestral stuff as I so very slowly update... Pretty easy to yank out the samples and rework them to your own specs.
Excellent! I'm missing out on a lot of free Kontakt patches, too, simply because I'm still on version 4. Next time they run a sale on upgrades I'll get the newest full version.
Cool beans, I might be up to percussion by then!
Do you know if SIPS V1.5.1 still works in Kontakt 6? I know that version two only works in Kontakt 3 and you have to use the older version in Kontakt 4 and above in order for it to work properly. I use it quite a bit, so it would be good if it DID still work in K6, when I finally get a full version of that.
Sorry I'm still on Kontakt 5. I never could get SIPs to work right and went WIPS instead.
What's the cheapest way to get Kontakt?
(08-17-2019, 06:25 PM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I'm still on Kontakt 5. I never could get SIPs to work right and went WIPS instead.

Ah, alright. I suppose I'll find out when I try. Maybe I'll go WIPS at some point anyway. Funny story: I used SIPS version 2 on Beyond the River Skai without realizing it was broken. Going back to the older version solved a lot of issues for me.

(08-17-2019, 08:30 PM)Kaustav Acharya Wrote: [ -> ]What's the cheapest way to get Kontakt?

I'm not sure when Native Instruments runs sales; but once or twice a year they do a half off sale and you can get the full version for something like $200. After that, just keep an eye out for the half off sales and you can upgrade to the latest version for $50.
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