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Full Version: Dynamic Crossfades in Kontakt
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(08-17-2019, 08:30 PM)Kaustav Acharya Wrote: [ -> ]What's the cheapest way to get Kontakt?

If you own a 3rd party library (including the free DrumMic'a), you can get the $250 crossgrade price. This goes on sale during the annual sale period as well (typically between Black Friday and Christmas, I think?), for 50% off, so the lowest price is $125. Almost any library for Kontakt Player which is NOT sold by Native Instruments qualifies, and you can check on the Native Instruments website.
You can't upgrade from DrumMic'a anymore (I know this topic is kind of old, but I think this is worth saying: it can save people time by preventing them from going through the hassle of downloading and installing DrumMic'a only to find that it won't allow them to get Kontakt at a better price).
Aww, that's a shame. NI probably put that into place when they revamped the Native Access system, but who knows. Still, now there are many cheaper Kontakt libraries available that should qualify, in the $50-100 range. With that, you can in theory upgrade to the full Kontakt while saving something like $100 and get a nice library out of it in the process.
It seems Embertone has a free sample library for Kontakt player that makes one eligible for the Kontakt discount:
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