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Full Version: A probably very silly Kontakt Player question
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Hi all. I took up bigcat on the offer for Siedlaczek's COC and so downloaded Kontakt Player etc. Well, I'm having an issue, or perhaps a disagreement, with KP: it's an octave too high. I'm using it in Reaper, and a violin's C3 is sounding on the keyboard's C4, to use an illustrative example. The same holds true for all the other instruments so far as I can tell. 

Please oh please, can anybody help me with this? I want my C4s to actually be C4s.
If you click the cogwheels button on the Kontakt instrument, there's a setting for MIDI transpose Smile Also, in the options under "Handling" there's a setting called "Default root-key for new zones", though I'm not sure that does what you want.
Kontakt uses C3=60. If they named their original samples using C4=60 (International Pitch Notation/IPN) and simply automapped them, they would be an octave too high... which I sincerely hope they didn't do. :/