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Full Version: Rabbits!
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As you may know, when it comes to pets I'm a cat person. I generally don't dislike any animals, but cats I get better along with than e.g. dogs. Ever since me and my girlfriend moved in together a year and a half ago, she's been nagging me about getting a rabbit. My experience with rabbits is largely negative. We had a big fat specimen when I was a kid who was just boring and unsociable. A childhood friend of mine had a small black rabbit who was extremely nervous and would bite you whenever you got near it. So unsurprisingly I wasn't keen on the idea. But a few months ago I finally folded, saying "OK, fine -- I wash my hands of the cleaning of cages and litter boxes and all the chores, but if you really want a rabbit, get one". So she did. Guys, meet Märta.

[Image: IMG_20190712_214630371.jpg]

Little did I know how social, silly, inquisitive and surprisingly intelligent creatures rabbits can be. She's been with us for around three months now and I must confess I was completely mistaken. Her bunny highness has really won my heart. It took some time adjusting to rabbit peculiarities -- if you know just cats and dogs they're unintuitive, since they're prey animals with very different behavioral patterns -- but once I started getting a grasp of how she works, she certainly grew on me.

Anyone else here who owns or has owned rabbits?
My daughter was interested in rabbits a while back, but we never have them a try. For most of my life I've felt more of a connection with plants rather than pets.

However, in buying our current house we sort of got adopted by an old cat that refuses to leave. The previous owners really did try to give her away, but she just came back! Also, in the last year we have also acquired two little old dogs from the animal shelter: a miniature schnauzer and a shihtzu.

Maybe one of these days we'll try a rabbit.
I have the six volumes of Warner Brothers cartoons, does Bugs count?
My advice "run away, run away"  Wink

(07-14-2019, 11:24 AM)Paul Battersby Wrote: [ -> ]My advice "run away, run away"  Wink

That's no ordinary rabbit!
I actually suggested Caerbannog for a name, but my better half just gave me an odd look xD
It's really eerie (or ear-y?) that the thread id on this conversation is 666. Mattias, you should flee while you still can.
(07-14-2019, 03:00 PM)Nayrb Wrote: [ -> ]That's no ordinary rabbit!

Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!

But seriously. I like rabbits. When I was a kid, my grandfather used to have a barn full of rabbits. They were all tame and fun to play with.

I have formed a theory on why rabbits reproduce so rapidly and abundantly: If wild rabbits are as curious and foolhardy as Märta, they have to procreate like mad to ensure the continuation of the species, because they probably end up getting themselves killed all the time. She will -- regularly and without any consideration for her own safety -- crawl into tight spaces/under/between things; leap from high places where she has managed to clamber up, and she will attempt to eat almost anything that gets in her way including (but not limited to) potato chips, pastries, coffee, cat food, cat vomit(!), power cables, rugs, etc.