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Full Version: VSCO2 and free orchestra samples
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Nice! That should help broaden the audience as freesound gets a lot of traffic.
I apologize for monopolizing this thread. But I'm finally getting less lazy and have the new Viola and Cello Section VSTis up (bottom of the page). Hopefully there are no errors, there are a lot of places to mess up, but I think they are clean. Also after much frustration I got blogger to do tables (and spacing) so hopefully the VSCO2 blog entry is better now.
No problem, BC! The new post looks nice, very clean. Smile
Thanks Sam.

BTW anyone feel like making a demo I can use to show the awesomeness of the community edition?
I'll see if I can cobble something together. Let me see. Smile

Are the Version 2 instruments changed versus the version 1 other than looks?
Thanks Sam.

The round robins are there now for the shorts, but other than that no.
I have noticed a few things that may help improve the library further:
1. A few percussion instruments are very strongly normalized and thus appear very noisy. Perhaps normalize, then modify the volume of the samples so they balance out nicely.
2. I would recommend keeping releases for longs below 150 ms maximum, even as low as 90 ms for some. For shorts, you can put a similar release on them in fact, and that way people can actually create "super shorts" using the shorts patch- you will notice this in the VSCO 2 staccato, spiccato, martele, etc. patches (but NOT pizzicato, all non-sustaining percussion, or other plucked patches obviously).
2B: I typically set all releases in Maize on the samples (select all the samples in a layer, then edit the envelope settings in the sample area), that way when the user adjusts the Envelope settings, it only adds or subtracts to the preset I have established, so shorts get reduced relatively to longs.

Basically you want your instruments to be able to play a convincing fake staccato on the sustain articulation, so short notes are just as possible as long notes, allowing for realistic phrases to be built. Sampled staccato is of course preferred for repeated short notes or passages of short notes, but the sustains should be able to fake it. It SHOULD sound kinda abrupt when completely dry, but with reverb added, it will fill out very nicely in phrases.

3. All instruments were fairly loud- thus when playing a full chord, they clip. Although it is easy to adjust this, might I suggest adjusting all instruments so they are about 6 dB quieter- this will allow headroom for less experienced composers who won't know what clipping is or how to fix it.
4. The VU meters on the V2 instruments don't appear to be working in this version. Check where they are getting input from on the panel to the right in the UI editor- I think Maize was updated after I created them so they may be mis-set.

In addition, here are a few per-instrument bits of "food for thought"-
- Violins only go down to G, so stretching down to C (viola range) is probably not the best idea as it can confuse young composers. Similarly, Violas and Cellos only go down to C (cellos an octave below Violas basically), so stretching down to A can be confusing for young composers. I recommend stretching the Doublebass down to C0.
- Trumpets only go down to E-natural. Trombones also technically only go down to E-natural, but some can go down further a variable amount of range. All tenor trombones cannot play the B-natural above the low B-flat.
- I notice a fair bit of the Horn range is missing. I will try to upload some extra horn notes that will fill that in if I have time.
- The "Vibrato 2" on flute is an "expressive vibrato", which might be useful to note. You can also map it as a lower dynamic layer on a "vibrato" patch and it will function very nicely in that function.
- Clarinets can only go down to D, as far as I remember. Bassoons down to Bb max.

Some of the percussion are at rather unrealistic dynamics. Some of the small "clicky" and "scratchy" type instruments are very loud, compared to say, a snare drum or bass drum. You'll hear in my demo- I am absolutely pounding that snare drum at the end and it does not have much to it.

Did I add another dynamic layer to the timpani yet? I thought I did... maybe you haven't had a chance to add it yet I guess- if not, let me know.

I did a little demo track for you. I added some reverb and light effects to make it sound better. I reduced the releases on most instruments as well so they would end nicely- listen to how the oboe makes phrases much nicer with shorter releases.

(if you want a clean .wav file to post online, let me know, the soundcloud one is rather nastily compressed by soundcloud).
Thanks for the demo and thanks for the advice. I'll try to get that sorted out.

I'd love to have the full wave file.
Raw file-
FX/"normal mixing/mastering"- (I noticed this is 32-bit by mistake, it seems, but you can make it 16-bit easily if you want)

This piece was a lot of fun... managed to play everything on the keyboard, which I don't normally do, haha. Left a few things less-than-quantized, maybe a few too many.
Sounds good to me and look you already have 18 plays. You are gonna be famous now!

Well I got the double bass done, having caught the fact that I put a spiccato sample in pizzicato! Oops.
I did normalize the new strings down to -6 as opposed to -2 which I did earlier. Also I set the longs to 120 ms and pizzicato to 90 in the samples. Thanks for that advice.
The new version of Maize seems to have added a main output left and right so I switched the meters. Thanks for the heads up.
Also dropped the double bass range to C0 and moved the key switches up to C4 and above.

I'll rework the other strings. Hopefully they come out sounding and looking as good as possible. I feel like an amateur musician who hangs out with the pros on this forum and VI and occasionally someone gives me the equipment for a new trick which I clumsily attempt or a refinement on an old trick which I never thought of. Houdini I ain't.
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