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Full Version: VSCO2 and free orchestra samples
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Sweet, BC!

Also, I just found this track that is using Sonatina and VSCO 2 CE. REALLY cool and quite good writing!

Sounds like it might be your VST version with the olds trombone w/ vibrato, BC.
That's awesome. Thanks for sharing Sam.
Allegedly these should work with Sampletank 3 Custom Shop

Anyone wanna see if they actually work? I have the full ST3 (moment of weakness don't ask), so I can't really try them with CS.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

VSCO2 Community CC0: Sam the Great
Well it seems like some of the free orchestral sound and fury with VSCO2, VPO, NBO and Alpine has faded away a bit, but I wanted to mention that I'm still seeing a lot of response to VSCO2. I hope its selling well Sam and I know money is important, I'm a big fan of eating myself, but on the karma side VSCO2 Community as I read somewhere is the new standard for free orchestras. I looked at the stats and the good VSTi version has topped 15,000 now. Every month Versillian Studios is my blogs top referrer. I've had some folks asking me about Maize and I've had to explain that I'm not the wizard behind the VSCO2 Maize GUI / script and it was given to me to use. I think some of them think I'm just putting them off! But it does seem like at least a few folks have gotten interested in making instruments after using the VSCO2 instruments.
(06-10-2017, 11:10 AM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a big fan of eating myself

Self cannibalism? That can't last and eventually won't end well.  Huh
I am working at a reduced pace since eating my left hand and and a couple fingers on my right. Tongue
Nobody better ever say the Samman can't sample Bassoon!

"My daughter plays bassoon. She couldn't tell the difference in a blind test between this bassoon and her real instrument."
Some competition coming the Rompler's way which is a good thing. Sample Science is going to include VSCO2 Community in his upcoming Sample Science Player.
It looks really nice. can't wait to play with it.
I'm really just talking to myself here aren't I?

Anyway Sam I was testing the NI Symphony Essentials that came with KU11 and the Kirk Hunter Diamond Orchestra. I started messing with the solo flutes. The KH has a somewhat thin and lonesome sound while the NI has amazing amounts of breathiness. In comparing my various flutes I discovered just how good the tone is on your flutes in the Pro edition. I don't know if you played them yourself, but they sound seriously good.

Also I've been messing about and messing up new Kontakt versions of the VSCO2 community. I made a full string section using the three sections and the solo contrabass doubling up the vibrato and non-vibrato sounds to make it sound like two contrabasses. Also messing with the solo violin. Discovering lots of conflicts between scripts and lots of my own screwups. Still hopefully I can get a nice V2 for Kontakt. The basic nki I think will use WIPs for legato and fake RR, then there will be a modwheel cross fade and an ensemble nki for each. Too many separate nkis but I like the xfade and faux ensembles...
I did Flute IV (the super breathy/airy one)- the rest were actual flute players, haha.

I've finally updated Kontakt to 5.6+, so I'll give all those things you've been making a try in the next few weeks!
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