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Full Version: VSCO2 and free orchestra samples
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Forgive the ego, but thanks to Sam and Simon, 10003 downloads of the VSCO2 Version 2 Rompler. And the ones not downloaded by the Reaper community may actually be in use!
The VSCO 2 Scoring Contest has ended- some great entries, including a winning one by Otto!

Joe (or if that is too human, "Bigcat"), you'll be pleased to know most of those Community Edition entries are using your VST/AU ROMpler. Smile
Cheers to Otto! And what a great piece it is.
Good stuff. It really does show some of what VSCO2 is capable of. Great job Otto!

Glad some folks have been using the rompler, but It must be admitted that the SFZ version is significantly good and it works with Reaper!

Thanks for running the contest Sam, very cool idea. You must feel pretty good to see so many folks putting your project to use. So when is VSCO3 coming out?

Sorry if my last post was too much, just excited by the response.
Wow, congrats Otto!
I must say a lot of the other entries are pretty good as well. Thanks, everyone! Smile

Sam, you are a generous god for letting the rest of us into the compo by allowing CE entries. Smile
Bigcat- I forwarded the news on to Simon and he and I are both impressed by how well the VSTi/AU version has done. 10K is a big milestone, congrats. Smile

As far as VSCO 3... I wouldn't know! All I can say is, we have at least one or two more updates for 2 to get out of the way before we can even consider beginning such a crazy feat.

Otto- the thanks should go to Tetsuya Ando, who sent me his very impressively composed entry before I officially allowed CE entries. It was so impressive, I thought, "well darn, how on earth can I not make it so this fellow wasted all this time?"
Thanks Sam. I've said it before but I do seriously thank Simon for his artwork, you or him or someone for the scripting and you for all the advice, oh and of course the thousands of free samples. I think the great part about technology these days is the ability to collaborate across the world at at our own pace to produce some helpful things. I think of that as I mess with Paul's VPO and Noah's Alpine instruments. They both have a certain magic (and a lot of sweat), but I'd love to see any of us make instruments with no samples like the ones you give us!
Good idea, bad idea, weird idea? The Electric VSCO2 Orchestra 4 Kontakt. Tried on a Basson just because.

Samples: Versilian Studios
GUI & Script: Mickaël Ménager
Hey VSCO2 Rompler V2 with prettier pictures and stuff was mentioned in the Freebie News section of Computer Music UK print edition. Hopefully it attracts some more attention to Pro as well!
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