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Full Version: VSCO2 and free orchestra samples
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Thanks Sam some very good info there.

Thinking of contests. Sometime in the future, maybe in conjunction with a Summer or Black Friday sale of the Standard, Pro and Go editions, could there be some kind of contest for the Community editions? Between SFZ, Kontakt and VSTi I'm guessing there are about 10000 out there, so it might be a way to drum up some interest.

Also as I don't think you get enough credit. Let me say, Thank You Sam. 3000 orchestral samples is quite a gift to the community. If Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones have taught us anything it is that chaps named Sam are good fellows.
You still haven't answered my question about the other forum statement. Tongue

I am definitely thinking about a CE contest, in fact, I sort of ran one a few years back where users could only use up to 25 samples total from a set of 50 pulled from the CE sampleset.

In other news, someone has put together a renoise conversion:
You guys can run but you can't hide... or possibly you can hide but you can't run. I get that confused.

Oh yeah I vaguely remember that contest, anyway cool on the CE contest.

Nice on the ReNoise version, I thought about trying it but would be unfair as I've never Noised in the first place.

SFZ, ReNoise, Samples on Freesound, Kontakt, VSTi, showing up in VPO and Alpine, this project is getting around. Whats left? Who wants to do the Soundfont version or maybe Sampletank. Ha you think people can't figure out how to use VSTis, you should see ST3 users... I have Sonatina for ST but don't distribute it, no one could figure out how to use it. Does Reaper have a DAW specific version?
I have enough trouble with people who can't figure out how to use VSTi's. XD

If people want to make more versions, I figure more the merrier. It's good to have a few versions of the same (e.g. Alpine vs. your Kontakt build or VSCO sfz's vs. VPO sfz's) so users have some options to try out.
Yeah I agree. I hope someday you do your own versions of the Community Kontakt and VSTi builds.
Any of you Mac guys? I'm trying to crank out the Rompler versions (long uploads on DSL) and it would be nice to have someone verify the Mac versions work. It took me a couple tries to get the 32 bit Win version going, so I'm a bit nervous.
(02-15-2017, 02:52 AM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]Any of you Mac guys?

Seems like we have at least one perilously human Mac user around here somewhere.
Well I'm afraid I didn't get everything done quite the way Sam suggested, but I did the best I could. It is certainly an improvement over the first version of the Rompler.
At the moment, I can't really test it. Sorry. I'm low on internal and external storage until I manage to wrap up an editing project. If I add any more stuff, things start getting shaky.
No problem thanks for the thought anyway. I did it the same way I did the Sonatina Mac version so it should work. Just terrified on a release this big that things will go wrong.
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