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Full Version: Valley of Wonders
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Well no one can accuse me of being afraid to try new stuff...

Here's a bit of late 1990's tracker-inspired music, not a lush reverb or realistic high quality sample in sight.

Kind of a tribute to Michiel van den Bos' lovely soundtrack to Age of Wonders.
Missed this when you released it. Was pretty busy in summer.

Awesome retro production! Never played Age of Wonders, but I played Myth II: Soulblighter many years ago. The music in that game has a similar feel to it. Dark, atmospheric synth driven by stabby percussion beats can be just the right thing in a dark or low fantasy setting. Smile
Thanks Otto. That's OK, this was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I must confess I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this tune afterwards Smile

Fun thing to do for a change of pace, but not really something I could see myself doing regularly. Working with ultra lo-quality samples is just very, very limiting.
I missed this too, which is funny, because I love the music in Age of Wonders. Well done! I've always loved that synth pan flute, or whatever it is, that got so much use.