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Full Version: Composing tips / tutorials
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Here are a few resources related to orchestral composition that I've found useful.

Daily Film Scoring Bits

Quoting the above web site:

Quote:On this page I publish on a more-or-less daily basis small hints, tricks and advices concerning the creation of music especially for film. These hints cover the fields of composition, orchestration and film scoring but also things concerning the workflow in this field, like the working relationship between composer and director etc.

I visit this site every day. It's an interesting insight into the business of film scoring but it also provides just as many useful tips for anyone doing orchestral composition in general

Music Vlog from Joseph Caririllo

A great 11-part video series starting from an original composition to initial development of the melody, to harmonization, through orchestration to creating the MIDI tracks and final mixing & mastering. I provide links to all 11 YouTube videos in the series on my web site here

Let's write musc by JJay Berthume

Similar in nature to the video series above, this is a 6 part series. JJay Berthume starts from a blank page and composes a heroic style piece of music called “Defending Our Homeland. For convenience, I provide links to all 6 videos in the series on my web site here.

I'm always on the lookout for more videos like the above two, where you get to watch a composer as he composes something new and have him explain what he did and why.
Just caught up with this post Paul. Thanks for the links, they all look fascinating and I'm looking forward to following them through.